About us

We are a company established in 2003. As a newcomer we have successfuly reached long-tradition companies with the same areas of work and services.

The main activity of our company is providing the wiring works, consultation activity, project documentation, protocols of environment, technical examinations and technical testing of electric devices including the lightning conductors at the construstions in the danger range of explosion E 1.0 (with no limit of voltage) providing all services for organizations or private proposes.

In the construction area we are able to provide:
-preparation phases of projects, especially developing the constructive intentions of public works, investing intentions, architectural and urban studies, land-use planning researches and analyses, providing the complex project activity especially for the architecture proposals, documentation of building positioning and its changes, project documentation of engineering structure and its changes including the interior and exterior the same as reconstruction and modernization of buildings and historical monuments.
- constructive works for all range of the building involving the machinery and technical equipment
- works forman activity, supervisor´s board, authorized safety technician (coordination of labor protection).

All termination dates and costs are the subject of economic agreement. Elpram, s.r.o. will provide you quality service in a suitable time. Our services include delivery, installation, warranty and post - waranty service.

We look forward for your partnership.


Type of business

  • computer services
  • assembly, repair, maintenance of electrical equipment
  • technical inspections and tests of electrical equipment
  • computer data processing services
  • publishing activity
  • preparatory work for construction
  • demolition and earthworks
  • carrying out extracurricular educational activities
  • implementation of constructions and their changes
  • administrative services
  • brokerage activity in the field of services
  • performance of construction manager´s activity
  • performance of construction supervision activities
  • brokerage activity in the field of trade 
  • brokerage activity in the field of production
  • printing production rate and finishing of printed matter
  • purchase of goods for the purpose of its sale to the final consumer  / retail / or other trade operators /
  • wholesale
  • rental of movables things
  • business consulting
  • engineering and related technical consultancy
  • paining and glazing work
  • welding work
  • production of metal structures and their parts
  • rental of construction machinery
  • rental of machinery and equipment
  • motor vehicle rental
  • storage
  • cleaning and janitorial work
  • rental of real estate with provision of other than basic services
  • elaboration of documentation and project of technical, technological and energetic equipment of these constructions
  • implementation of preparatory pre-project activities, especially for the elaboration of construction plans for public works, investment plans, architectural and urban studies, land use planning surveys and analyzes
  • implementation of complex project activities, especially for the elaboration of architectural designs and documentation of the location of buildings and their changes, project documentation of buildings and their changes, including their interiors and exteriors, as well as reconstructions and modernizations of buildings and restoration of building monuments
  • performing the activity of an authorized security technician
  • acting as security coordinator
  • security
  • operation of technical service
  • manufacture of electric motors, switchboards, cables and batteries
  • manufacture of electric lamps, equipment for engines and vehicles and signaling
  • non - hazardous waste managment business
  • production of organic chemicals
  • procurement
  • safe technical services